Daily Tours

Daily Tours have been a functioning service in Skiathos for many years. They start in early Spring and stop in late Autumn, since at that time tourists are scarce and the weather no longer allows such excursions. The purpose of Daily Tours is to bring you quickly and easily at remote areas of unimaginable natural beauty. It is an enjoyable activity for you and your friends or your family. The price per person varies depending on the distance of the destination, but it is always reasonable and affordable - children can usually travel for free. If the weather is good, Daily Tours run on a daily basis and most of them start from the old port of Skiathos.

Skiathos Round Trip

Skiathos round trip is probably the most romantic of all Skiathos excursions. Within a few hours you will see many of the most wonderful Skiathos beaches and you'll have the chance to admire Skiathos natural beauty. Magnificent images and feelings that only boat owners lived... until now.