Women Assosiation

The Women's Club Skiathos founded in January 1984 in order to:

1) To unite all women Skiathos together to identify, pursue and solve their specific problems , but also help to solve the general and local problems .

Zisis Oikonomou

Zissis Oikonomou was born in Skiathos in 1911. He learned German and Italian, and during the Greek-Italian war of '40 he served as an interpreter. He lived in Athens and worked with literary magazines.

Cultural Club "Skiathos"

Cultural Club "η Σκιάθος" has been established in order to rescue, maintenace and enhance the traditional, cultural and aesthetic values of Skiathos Island. Founded in 2005 by a mixed group of local residents, foreigners, house owners of Greek origin, regular visitors, expatriates and other.