Tourist information about Skiathos Island

Skiathos, alongside the islands of Skopelos, Alonisos and other smaller islands, belongs to the group of islands called Northern Sporades (a name that means "sparse", "randomly put together") which can be found in the Aegean Sea. It was the first island where tourism started developing and has since been one of the cornerstones in Greek tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists from Greece and the rest of the world choose Skiathos for their summer vacation, while more than a few others visit the island during the winter time, where they can find an almost poetic kind of beauty, ideal for some relaxation.

Skiathos is positioned 38 nautical miles away from Volos, and 3 nautical miles away from Pelio. It covers an area of around 49 square kms with a shoreline of about 44 kms. and has a population of around 6,500. Most of the residents of the island are in the business of tourism, which is also the island's main source of income, while a smaller percentage works in traditional islandic jobs such as fishing, shipping, livestock and agriculture. The main agricultural product is olives and olive oil.

Skiathos is covered in green, since pine trees cover most of the island. These forests are filled with paths perfect for romantic walks and hiking tours that can lead you to monasteries and other monuments. Mountain ranges make up for 75% of the entire area of the island. In contrast to several other Greek islands, Skiathos possesses something unique and beautiful: the northern part of the island is significantly different to its southern equivalent. Therefore, tourism has been developed quite heavily in the southern part of the island, while the northern part has retained its natural beauty.

Skiathos has a total of 64 beaches that are quite different to one another, and therefore should provide something for all tastes. Each and everyone one of them are unique in their beauty, and if we had to specifically pick out some of them, we would choose Koukounaries, Lalaria, Banana, Kastro and the little island of Tsougria. you can find a list containing the most popular beaches of Skiathos here.

The main road network is 14 kms. in length and connects the town of Skiathos with Koukounaries with in-between destinations such as other beaches and smaller settlements in the island, while the road network in the northern part of the island is made up of dirt roads for the most part.