Information about Skiathos Town (Chora)

The town of Skiathos, or Chora (which is the name commonly used for the main town in every Greek island) will leave an impression on the visitor from the get-go. Its main characteristics are a special romantic atmosphere as well as its enchanting surroundings. Skiathos town is very much the living center of the island and has about 5,000 inhabitants, a number that is greatly increased during the summer, when the tourist season is at its peak. One could even say that its most defining characteristic it its rare combination of cosmopolitan and natural beauty.

The town is found on the southeast part of the island and was built on the ruins of the Old Town (which, according to historians was most likely built by the Chalkideans around 800 B.C.). Old Town was abandoned during the Middle Ages when the island was faced with constant pirate raids, and was eventually entirely rebuilt at around 1829-1830 A.D.

In modern-day Skiathos, houses are designed to be simple, small, amphitheatrical, with no more than two floors for the most part, and closely built to one another. They are divided amongst themselves via narrow stone roads, most of which lead into churches or paved squares. Traveling via car or any other type of vehicle in several of these streets is either nearly impossible or merely ill-advised.

The town harbor of modern-day Skiathos has been the defining element in the islands history both during the past and the present. It is divided in two by the small island of Bourtzi into the Old Harbor and the New Harbor. The two “harbors” are quite different to one another, with the new one being comprised of mostly shops and the old one traditional tavernals, bars and coffee shops. During the nights of summer, the Old Harbor is filled with life, with its bars full of people having fun, enjoying a drink or a coctail.

The Chora is also divided in two by the paved road Papadiamantis, named after the great Greek literary figure of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the world-renowned prosaist. Along the way of this entire street you can find gift stores, bars, restaurants, etc. On this very same street you can find the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis which operates as a museum these days, filled with every-day things of the writer that lived and prospered on the island.

On the east part of the Chora, between the town itself and the airport, there is the road by the coast known as “club street”, full of dance clubs, restaurants and tavernas. During the summer nights the entire area is filled with groups of young people hanging out for food or drinks. West from the Chora you can find the beach Megali Ammos and the local settlement of the same name. It is only 5 to 10 minutes of walking distance away from the harbor and the inhabitants of the Chora usually go there on foot. There are more than a few tavernas, restaurants and hotels to be found by the beach, while there is no shortage of beach bars or places for sea sports either!

Lastly, vistors should not neglect to visit the pictorial church of Ai Nikolas with its panoramic view of the Chora, as well as the gorgeous area of “Plakes.”

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