Traditional Architecture in Skiathos

As the times change, so do the needs and lifestyles of people. Given that, it’s natural that the way people build their homes also changes. Therefore, the traditional architecture of Skiathos has begun to disappear. However, until it is completely lost to us, it will continue to catch the visitor’s eye with its local architecture which is characterized by a combination of unique islandic and Pelio influences.

By examining the old-fashioned houses of Skiathos, we can seperate them into noble (archontika) and farmer (agrotika) houses. Most of them are one-floor or two-floor houses built with stone and very close to one another, an element that shows how tight-knit the local communities are. As is the case with most Greek islands, the dominant color is white, with the exception of yard gates and window laths that are usually painted in blue, that resembles the color of the sea.

A lot of these houses were built very close to the sea, mostly due to the fact that the lives and works of the locals were tightly tied  to it (shipping, fishing, commerce.) However, claiming that the luxury enjoying day break in a beautiful beach during springtime did not influence the locals’ decision would be a lie!

Most roads in Skiathos are narrow and paved with stone, with plates put together in the shape of a fishbone in order to better clear out rainwater. With the exception of the island’s modern roads found in the regional roads, Papadiamantis’ street and some other roads, it’s very difficult if not impossible for cars to cross most roads in the island. By following one of these narrow roads, wanderers can find themselves in one of the many small churches, a natural water fountain or a square.