Papadiamantis House-Museum

It is the house where the great Greek writer lived a big part of his life. Unfortunately the house where he was born on 4th March 1851 does not exist as it was sold and its buyers decided to demolish it. So today, this place functions as a museum and it open to public of every age.

The house is located in a small square, a few meters away from the port and according to a sign on a wall it was built in 1860 by his father, Adamantios Papadiamantis who was a priest of Skiathos.

As a building it constitutes a representative sample of Skiathos’ architectural style and it is one of the few buildings in island that did not subject to modern changes. It is a two-storey building, with stone walls, wooden roof with tiles.

The old entrance is close and visitors can enter the museum through external wooden stairs at eastern side. The top floor includes three rooms and remains the residence of Papadiamantis full of original furniture and object of this period.

On the left, there is the winter room with the historic fireplace. It is the room where the great writer lived his last moments and died on 3rd January 1911. On fireplace there was two small shelves decorated by cups of the house.

The smallest right room was at first the room of his father but later Alexandros used it as his office and bedroom. It is a very small room with one window, an internal glove locker in the wall and a bed.

Just opposite to the entrance we see the parlor which also is simple with a coloured rhombus on ceiling. This room was the reception room of the house and it contains the old typical sofa and the office of Papadiamantis. On the office there is a wooden show case with all the personal belongings of writer such as his psalter, ink pot,pen holder, pen and some manuscripts. It is a simple room with a colored rhombus on the ceiling.

Finally, next to the room there is the icon corner of the house with view to East. The ground floor has only one room that was used as warehouse and cellar. A pillar in the center supports the above floor while next to it there is a very impressive well. Today this place functions as an exhibition place for old and new editions of Papadiamantis.

From 1954 the building belongs to Municipality of Skiathos and in 1965 the Culture Ministry characterized it as an historic protected monument. In 1990 the works of repair and maintenance of the building were accomplished.

Ticket: €2 (Free entrance for visitors younger than 19 years)
Open Hours: 08:30-15:00