North Side Beaches of Skiathos

The beaches on the north Skiathos differ significantly from those at south part of the island. The wild morphology has kept the touristic development away - something not necessarily bad.
Underwater waves from north are keeping the waters slightly colder than the beaches of South Skiathos and some times more wavy.
So, do not expect to find water sports schools or luxurius restaurants and hotels. We would say that north side beaches of Skiathos are dedicated to nature lovers and those who want quite enviroment and tranquility.
The road network is essentially a dirt road and if we calculate the distance from Skiathos Town then individuals should be equipped and prepared. Can't say they are family friendly or ideal for the elder but this doesn't meant they are prohibitive too!
To visit any Skiathos north beach you will need some type of transportation (unless you like walking). In some cases (such as Lalaria Beach) there is only access by the sea.