Georgios Rigas


He was born in Skiathos on 20th November of 1884. His mother was relative to Papadiamantis. He studied two years in Varvakeio College where Alexandros Moraitidis was working as professor and in 1901 he received his diploma from Didaskaleion of Athens. In the same year he was appointed in a teaching position in Skiathos and he remained at this position until 1940. In 1920 he attended the Clerical Tutorial of Rizarios School for a year. He was ordained priest and immediately became intendant and a prelatic church warden of Skiathos. He was involved from his early years with collection and at the same time he showed his love for byzantine music and hymnography. He was a tireless and creative researcher, an authority on matters of the Church Ritual and a folklore researcher characterized by conscientiousness and gravity. He was also a methodic teacher and a master of liturgy. He had a close relationship with both Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitidis and this relation helped him in his following intellectual performances and he pronounced the eulogy during the funeral of above savants.

He died in Athens on 11 July 1960 and his funeral was held on his island with the entire inhabitant's presence. His presence in the school and the church of Skiathos has remained historic.