Epifanios - Stefanos Dimitriadis


Epifanios-Stefanos Dimitriadis was born in Skiathos in 1760 and belonged to a noble family of the island. He learned the first things in Skiathos and later attended schools in Pelio, Ambelakia, Constantinople and in places bordering on the Danube. He started working in Bucharest for the leader Nikolaos Mavrogenis together with Rigas Fereos (a very famous author and fighter for the liberation of Greece). As a result, the two men became close friends and partners. His relationship with such a passionate personality as that of Rigas influenced deeply the unquiet mind of Epifanios Dimitriadis.

He was a prolific writer and cultivated all forms of prose and poetry. Among his many works he himself published only two. He could easily write in ancient and Modern Greek and he also had knowledge of French and Italian languages. He had a deepen knowledge of history and was well-grounded in philosophy and literature.

His teaching sermon which was reinforced by his knowledge of Greek and his fervent patriotism functioned as a guide for the enslaved Greek nation. Epifanios-Stefanos Dimitriadis is a great representative of Greek Enlightenment and belongs to nation’s Teachers.