Mandraki Beach (or Xerxis)

Mandraki beach is also known as "Xerxes" as the legend says this was the beach where the mighty Persian emperor landed. As most Skiathos northern beaches, Mandraki beach is characterized by an enviable calm. Shallow turquoise waters and golden fine sand, deservingly steals a place among the most beloved beaches of the island.

The imposing mound on the right side is the signature of Mandraki, it steals visitor's eye and fills him with awe. There are several umbrellas and sun chairs, enough for everyone since the place is usually quite. There are no waterports but just a canteen for light meals, ice-creams, soft drinks and clold coffee (also known as frappe coffee). For those who choose to stay until sunset, they will be rewarded you with the most beautiful sunsets in the island, followed by the melodious sound of the sea waves.

The best way to get there is by a car or motorbike, just follow the asphalt road to Agia Eleni beach and just a few hundred meters before the end you should turn right at the uphill dirt road. Following that road for about 2.5 khm a sign refers you to turn left by entering a field of pine trees. Here you must leave your vehicle there and continue on foot for about 200 meters. If you don't have your own vehicle, it would be nice idea to pick a taxi from bus stops 21 to 24.

Hiking funs, should leave the bus at bus stop 21 and move north, following the asphalt. At a specific place, the asphalt ends and a dirt road continues, among tall pine trees. The route is calculated about 45 minutes and hikers should equip a small map.