Kastro Beach

The beach is so named because it lies just below the ruins of the medieval city (or Kastro) and differs from it wild, natural beauty, a common characteristic of Skiathos northern beaches. Rocks all along the coast, placed randomly by nature, create a magical landscape. Simultaneously, the crystal blue waters fully justify why the Kastro Beach is the favorite beach of people familiar with the island. The distant location of the Kastro, gives the false impression that the beach is prohibitive for every Skiathos visitor with no sea or road transportation. Kastro is accessable from anyone via many touristic boats, known as day trips. The boats start in the morning from Skiathos Old Port and approximately one hour later, are at Kastro Beach where tourists can enjoy it rare beauty under the hot summer sun. Among the tourists, there are few people who often rent a boat to steal a little more time on the beach or pay a visit the medieval city and its numerous churches. In the small canteen are coffees, soft drinks and a light menu with snacks and sandwiches.